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Corporate lifestyle is the prime example where we lose mental and physical stability. The sedentary lifestyle reduces the mobility of muscles & joints thereby leading to stiffness. It also suppresses and weakens our functioning of organs leading to many lifestyle disorders. We cannot neglect the issue of most of the people gaining extra weight and losing the muscle strength. Gaining weight leads to many other health issues which we all are aware of. This is the serious issue we need to address. The unusual and unhealthy eating habits i.e. the time at which and the quality of food consumed determines the quality of the health of individual. Most of the employees have unusual routine like working late hours, long hours of desktop work, etc. which we cannot be changed wholly. But, we can make our people more capable and efficient in this kind of corporate environment.

The everyday schedule of every employee in the corporate world is same. Due to this, it leads to many problems like over stress, hyper tension, aggression, early burnouts, etc. It affects the productivity of the employee, thus affecting the quality of the work. The health issues increase, in turn leads to more sick leaves. The poor co-ordination leads to absenteeism at workplace. Thus, affecting the morale of the employees and quality of work at organization.

If we encourage yoga at workplace, it will have a great effect during the work hours. There are certain yogic practices for your body to improve its overall mobility, strength, stability, control, coordination, organ functioning, immunity and hormonal balance. When yoga practice becomes regular, body is never problem for anyone. There are also some practices where you learn to know, understand and handle the activities of the mind. Most of us don’t know to use our mind the way we want. This is the uniqueness of the yoga.

There are various changes we observe where we conduct our yoga programs. It has boasted their immunity level leading to healthy body and less sick leaves. It has taught them the correct way of body postures and how to balance their body. There is light-headedness and more focus towards their work. It improved the quality of their sleep as well. They experienced other benefits like less straining of eyes, reduced headaches, disciplined at work, less body stiffness, joyous nature, etc. It improved the quality of their life at personal as well as professional level.

The mental and physical health of every individual is important. A healthy individual being part of organization makes the company healthy. A company should always give importance to overall well-being of every employee. This can be addressed by various ways like a yoga session before or after the work hours & a healthy section at the canteen where raw juices and healthy meals are served.

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