“Earlier they start today, will have a better tomorrow”

The kids of today are of tech-savvy rather than being good at any sport. They play games; not on grounds, but on their electronic devices. In fact, they are not able to play any sport like football, cricket, etc. As we teach yoga in school, we observed that earlier they were not even able to sit on ground or bend properly. Their food habits are a different issue altogether. Due to all this, 60 to 70 % of kids face many health disorders like lethargic, sleep deprivation, obesity, etc. It is very essential revise their habits and nurture them with some good ones. What is better than a regular yoga practice to start with!

 Kids can practice better asanas if practiced regularly and have better control over the body. When kids practice on a regular basis, their body starts to get transform into a healthier one at faster pace. Anything which we do regularly becomes a habit just like brushing teeth or bathing. 

Not only yoga but any fitness regime has to be practiced daily for our body to get its benefits wholly. Kids are the one has the ability to learn quickly and improve faster. As we all are aware that, if they start at our age how difficult it becomes for us to perform any asana effortlessly. It takes months to master one single posture. So, it’s better early than facing difficulty later. They can do yoga from the Age of 6 years so that by the time they reach at 10 years & more, they have already learned to master their body. 

Children encounter so many challenges & conflicts all at once like emotional, social and physical. Yoga is something that can be practiced anywhere and a fitness regime which consists of so many aspects including the breathing, the concentration, the poses, and the way kids learn to act or react to situations, will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness. It is a dedicated & disciplined practice containing breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures.

Each posture consists of lying down, standing, sitting, etc. which includes involvement of every muscle of the body making them aware of them and how they function. With consistent practice, their strength increases and they perform well at other activities. The flexibility of every part of the body is enhanced which aloof them from any joint pains further in life. Their immunity of the body improves avoiding their body to get any major diseases or disorders.

The balancing asanas are created to enhance the mental and physical position. It emerges mental clarity and stability as kids. The act of practicing poses encourages children to clear their mind and focus on the effort to hold a balance. As they learn to balance physical balance, they get a feeling of accomplishment. Similarly, they try to learn to handle the situation. They learn to be calm in any given situation and tackle it a more sound state of mind.

A experienced & qualified yoga instructor can only give guidance and push their students to do better. But, it is kids that have to practice daily and make an effort. When they master a posture, it gives them a feeling of self-esteem & builds confidence within.

More than people around them like teachers or parents, peers, etc. the actual change has to be felt by children themselves. The ones who learn to take care of themselves, becomes competent enough later to take care of others as a leader. It is not possible without daily practice.  A healthy and fitter body is something to be maintained. For that, consistent practice and nutritional diet have to be consumed.

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