3 Things Parents can do to ease the environment during exam

The environment during the exams is of mixed with lot of energies like anxiety, nervousness, fear, etc. creating stress around. It affects both parents and kids. We all try to prepare ourselves in most efficient manner to get better results and score well. But, are the efforts really being fruitful? Are they being utilised in best way possible? Think. When our mind is so vulnerable and stressed, how it can perform its function well.

The mind can only perform well when it is subjected to that kind of environment. For example, a plant grows beautifully when it is being watered daily, natural fertilizers are added to it and a good amount of sunlight. Now, to in order to get more of better results the amount of fertilizers, sunlight, & water is increased. The increased pressure on plant led to decay of plant. The same is the situation with the mind. The more pressure created on it, the less productive it becomes.

Relaxed state of mind leads to more productivity. The calm mind happens wonders happen. The memory, imagination and other faculties of mind function at its best, if a person learn to keep its mind relaxed and calm. There are 3 things which will help you go through this phase in a best way possible.

3 Things to keep your mind and body at its best:

  1. Sit for 30 minutes in meditation posture. Avoid any physical or mental activity. Just pay attention to your breathing. It should be done by both parents and kids. It will help you relax and in turn it will increase your concentration power.
  2. The focus of both parents and kids to give their best and not stress over scoring higher marks. It is an exam and not a competition. It is a mistake to create unnecessary pressure on each other. The focus gets shifted from grasping the knowledge to scoring good marks. Instead, focus on learning the subject with relaxed state of mind leading to better score automatically.
  3. The last and most important thing parents should take care of is the diet. Make sure that kids consume food which is easily digested. So, they do not feel lethargic or inactive or lousy. The easy digestion of food leads to more wakeful and active hours. They can be utilize into more productivity.

Stay Calm. Stay relax. It’s going to be fine. Just give your best. All the best for your exams.

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  • Panchami sudheeran
    Posted February 18, 2019 9:54 am 0Likes

    Really good information.

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