Kid’s Fitness – Is it a priority?

The groundwork of any project has to be strongly build, so is any kid’s childhood. If healthy way of lifestyle is inculcated from beginning so will be life ahead. The life of kids in today’s age has changed so much. The routine of kids is going to school, come home, lunch, take a power nap, going for tuitions, back to home, playing on their electronic appliances, dinner and back to sleep. This is their daily schedule followed in which there is no involvement of physical activity or exposure to nature. The unnecessary stress of performing well at academics, competition, being an all-rounder, etc. creates a havoc on their mind. The unhealthy habits of lifestyle like eating junk foods, lazing around with video games in hand, etc. are leading them to an unhealthy comfort zone. The lack of knowledge of parents as well leads to disruption of kid’s life. They tend to imitate and idolize their adult’s habits whether good or bad. It is important to be self-aware about the correct way of living.

There is a huge difference in the percentage of fitness from last decade to this. The surroundings around has got changed with advancement in technology. But, with it has come the unhealthy ways of living as well. The correct usage and limit is what to be monitored by every individual. A survey was conducted on several countries to measure the fitness percentage of kids globally in which India fared poorly in it.  The main drawbacks were the sedentary lifestyle of kids. Around 41 %to 60 % of population is target of such way of living. Secondly, the proportion of parents and peers facilitating opportunities for physical activity or sports was very low. The guidelines for importance on physical activity was lacking as well. The encouragement for the same was nil. Only 10 % to 12 % are engaged in any physical activity or sport on daily basis. The rest are playing physical activity in the form of computerized version or else busy with their never-ending assignments.

Earlier, the academics as well as extra-curricular activities was given equal opportunity. The evening bells use to be the screaming and laughter of kids playing around. The parks & playground use to be so full of them. They are still full but not because they are playing some sport but are playing on their electronic devices. The parents use to go along with their kids for cycling or jogging. But, now they don’t even have time for themselves due to their tiring & busy schedules.

The schedule are going to be busy always and more advancement in technology is going to take place. It is time for us to take a call for us and our kids to monitor are off & on-screening timings and engage in some physical activity & a sport as well. The physical activity can be any in any form like running, jogging, yoga or gym. It is essential to do it every day for at least 30 minutes a day or you can divide it into 15 minutes part 1 and 15 minutes part 2 depending upon the schedule of our kids. You can make it more effective by taking part in it and making it more playful for them. Kids imitate faster than following just the instructions. The right kind of diet is also very much important for healthier living. If making them habituated today to a healthy & nutritional diet today, will lead to lifetime habit tomorrow. The changes in overall family lifestyle has to be made. Follow a getting healthier together as a family concept. It works wonders for yourself and your kids specifically.

On contrary, we approach schools to include yoga as a part of their yearly curriculum so as to encourage them towards healthier living by practicing it daily. We conduct various fitness workshops as well which includes practicing yoga as well as understanding how it gets effective on your body as well as mind. The guide to eating right kind of food which is highly nutritionally and essential requirement of body is given. To encourage their participation we reward them with a certificate on performing efficiently.  It is very important to initiate now to acquire a better and healthy tomorrow for our kids. Let’s teach our kids the priority of fitness in life.

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  • Veena
    Posted March 29, 2019 4:46 pm 0Likes

    This is the most effective technique to get kids to put down their electronic gadgets and go outside to play. In addition, encouraging kids to eat nutritious foods will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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