Online Yoga Sessions

Why online?

  • Highly Time Saving.
  • Get fit from the safety of your home.
  • No fear of leaving kids/family members if they need your attention at home.
  • Instructor pays attention to every move of your yoga practice and corrects you.
  • Learn the way we teachers master the body and mind.
  • You can opt for alarm from classes.
  • Get to learn more techniques of practice.
  • People practising online seem to experience more results and develop more discipline.
  • You inspires your family members to exercise for their better health.
  • Experienced instructors
  • Different batches for different age groups and fitness levels.
  • More safety for kids/Girls/women.
  • Less chances of injury.
  • No disturbance from the other students which is common in most of the group yoga classes in studios.
  • Online classes has been more effective on teacher’s part to pay attention to every student at the same time. Where in its difficult during normal classes in studios.

How online?

  • Now you can join yoga classes and enjoy your health and fitness routine right from your home.
  • This classes will be conducted on video meeting application.
  • It will be a group yoga session. An experienced yoga teacher conducts the session.
  • Your device will give access to best of the yoga teachers of Iconic Yoga Org. where they will guide you to get better day by day.
  • A step by step instructions shall be given by the yoga experts so that you can follow and train your body to good health and fitness along the teacher performing for you to learn.

How do I enquire?

You can call us on: +917666744021 / +918888544300 between 9am to 9pm.

Video call enquiry with the Yoga Instructor: After speaking to us on the above numbers, we shall share the details and photograph of the Instructor you be enquiring and also details of all the sessions on WhatsApp and then as per your chosen time you can WhatsApp Video call to instructor. He / She will surely guide you with the perfect batch for you as per your past to present health and fitness details.

How do I join?

Once you choose a session time, you can do the admission process online by filling the form and also pay the fees from the convenience of home.
The fees receipt, class details, the details of application to install in your device and also links and passwords to join the classes as per the chosen time will be shared on your contact number and email id.

How to prepare for the Yoga Class online at home?

  • Do not consume any solid food at least 3 to 4 hours prior to yoga class.
  • Wear a comfortable fully stretchable clothing like track pant with t-shirt for men and tights or track pants with t-shirt for women.
  • Keep a room temperature water bottle and handle towel near you.
  • Do make sure your device is charged enough and a good internet connection is available
  • Place your yoga mat at your home where you have enough space to move your hands and body.
  • Adjust the device position such that teacher can see you doing yoga and correct when required.
  • Tap on the link 2 minutes before class time on your device (phone/computer etc.) that’s it. You are all set for 1 hour of good yoga practice.

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