Personalized Sessions

Personalized yoga enables you to discipline yourself to practice yoga and helps you organize your schedule for fitness at comfort of your home. In this session, our well-trained yoga instructor visits your home to make you practice yoga as per your convenient timings and days. We strictly follow the yoga schedule designed by you, making sure you do not skip your yoga practice. The duration of this session is one hour.

This program I being designed as per your health & fitness, keeping in mind your fitness goals & medical history if any. Yoga instructor takes your body ability and needs into consideration. Accordingly, the trainer increases the intensity with practice. The instructor works on your fitness flexibility, strength, stamina, immunity, organ functionality, etc. The instructor also makes sure that every minute of your session is productive.

We have a nutritionist who designs your diet plan keeping in mind your fitness goals.

Procedure (Introductory Meeting):

  • Once you contact us, we fix an appointment with you to visit your home as per your convenience.
  • Our health executive visits your home for a health checkup
  • On the same day, we take information about your health and body consisting of height, weight, medical history (if any), body mass index, etc. It helps us to understand your body ability.
  • We take into consideration your fitness goals with other aspects. Accordingly, your yoga regime is designed.
  • And, the most suitable yoga instructor is appointed for you.

Various Programs in Personalized Yoga

Only You


It is a session for single person.
It is designed with yoga regime and diet plan depending on your body ability and fitness goals.
You can choose it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones.

Partner Yoga


This session is recommended for couple or two people.
The partners can be two male or female or male and female.
This type of session boasts importance of togetherness an motivates achieve fitness goals on a higher level.

Family Yoga


This session includes the group of 3 to 4 people.
The session is designed for whole group who share common fitness goals.
It enables you to have quality time with your loved ones, while improving your health as well.

Yoga for Kids

Kids Yoga

It is specially designed for kids.
The yoga asana practiced in this session are supervised by well-trained yoga instructor.
The sessions are designed keeping in mind the fun element which encourages kids to practice yoga enthusiastically.

Yoga for Elderly


It is designed for the elder person.
After certain age, they are not able to go out and have any physical activity.
The sessions are designed to increase their flexibility and muscle strength. It also helps to develop positive and healthy mindset.

Yoga Session Program

  • Thrice a week: This session will be conducted on alternate days (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Sundays are off. There will be 13 session monthly)
  • Six days a week (i.e. Monday to Saturday. Sundays are off. There will be 25 sessions monthly)
  • Customizable sessions: This session can be completely customize for you. It can be once, twice, thrice, etc. depending on the number of days you want monthly.

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