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It is very important that early in life a child gets exposed o right things, things that work from within. Because, outside arrangements we make can only be managed to some extent.


~ Sadhguru ~

The phase right from the childhood, if everyone is learning what is outside without knowing who we are, will create confusion in them. It is important to work on kids from their early age. A sense of clarity starts developing within them. We should create an environment in school which helps them to handle themselves and at their academics.

There are three aspects which are essential for kids to learn during their school.
They are:

  1. Learn to take care of your body
  2. Learn to pay attention and understand things
  3. Enhance their perception towards life

We emphasize on these aspects essentially which helps them to achieve what they wish for ahead in life.

The life of kids has changed drastically in recent years. It is no more just about fun and fair. There are various pressures imposed upon them. The expectations of parents & teachers, competition among peer groups, balance of academic and curricular activities, etc. have led lot of stress in their life.

The inclusion of yoga in their life act as a guiding tool to learn to stay calm and relaxed. Yoga is an activity which combines physical, mental and spiritual state of body. It helps to learn the skills of control of mind which enables them to focus and with more dedication. The combination of body exercise along with controlling of breathing helps to increase the concentration ability.

Yoga is not just about practicing asana, but also an act of enhancing various aspects of life. It helps in developing positive and healthy mindset. It makes them understand the importance of healthy lifestyle.

Growth & Development of Children in Yoga

Age-group (6-10 years)

At this age, kids are very fragile and enthusiastic. There is major progress in the areas of physicality, intellectual, emotional and social aspects. It is a time to develop healthy habits for a better lifestyle. The practicing of yoga asana increases their flexibility and muscle strength. The practice of certain pranayama helps them reduce their volatility, developing a sense of stability. It helps them to be more focused and their involvement in any activity.

Age-group (10-12 years)

The children between the age-group of 10 to 12 years, experience lot of changes within as well as in their surroundings which affects them. They are exposed to lot of information around them which leads to quite vulnerability and confused state of mind.  At this age, a sense of recognition of what is right and wrong starts to develop. They try to understand various aspects and everything seems to be interesting and lose interest at the same time. The emotional dynamics of kids at this age keep changing rapidly. They start to learn new activities, making new friendships, hobbies, etc. to understand what interests them.  They require a proper guidance to control their mind and body, along with the importance of health and wellness. The habits imbibed at this age affects overall personality development. Yoga improves the flexibility of the body. It helps in strengthening of muscles and boasts the immunity of the body. It teaches how to learn the art of self-control on your mind and how to be calm and composed. In a way, it leads to development of healthy decision-making process. It trains your body and mind both, leading to control of vulnerability and mood swings.

Age-group (13-15 years)

At this age, the children enters into their teenage years. The major changes occur in the thinking process, physical appearances, personality development, etc.  They begin to understand the surroundings in a definite aspect. They develop their own idea of life. The decisions regarding their life planning are initiated at this age. The puberty hits at this age. The yoga is art of mind and body control which plays a major role in developing as person. The yoga increases the concentration power which improves the quality of thinking process. Various yoga asana helps to lose the extra body fat, thus helping in maintain a good body fitness. With the help of pranayama and breathing exercises to improve the quality of breathing. Meditation helps them to develop a sense of balance which leads to firmly making decision. In short, yoga act as a guiding tool to use your body in a best way possible and have a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga has a multiple benefits which improves our lifestyle and helps to make it better and healthier. It is very important to imbibe healthy habits. It improves the quality of life and develops the art of positive thinking.

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