Hatha yoga is a practice of learning the ability to utilize the physical and mental energy by combining as one source.

  1. Yoga Asanas
    Different asanas or postures are practiced in Hatha Yoga. The body and mind are stabilized together as one posture at a time without disturbing the normal breath cycle.At Iconic Yoga Org, we practice nearly 1600 asanas with complete understanding of posture. It is step by step process from how to get into a posture (asana) and come out of it. The asana practice consists of:

    • Precautions
    • Body Alignments
    • Working on breathing pattern
    • Techniques of mind and observation
    • Duration of stabilizing body in each asana
    • Easy and right techniques of mastering asanas
    • Knowing benefits of practicing each asana
  2. Pranayama
    It is a practice of learning to modify the prana in breath consciously in a certain manner to control or regulate the aspects related to body, mind or emotions.At Iconic Yoga Org, we practice 29 types of different pranayama. Some of them are practiced daily on basis by understanding & mastering the important aspects of pranayama. They are:

    • Regulating the pace, volume & length of breath flow during the practice
    • Being in balanced state of mind
    • Choosing a posture in which a particular pranayama practice is enhanced
    • Duration of practice
    • Correction and improvisation of student while the practice takes place
    • Learning to understand the effects of pranayama on body, emotion and mind
    • Learning the art of Dharana & Dhyana in pranayama
    • Benefits & Precautions of pranayama
    • Rules to follow before, during and after the pranayama
  3. Kriya
    In Hatha Yoga, Kriya practices are used for cleaning the body. They are considered to be very important part of Yoga regime. Basically, Kriyas are internal actions that help in cleaning and relaxing your body and mind leading to channelize your energy to use it in better way. It is an act of strong discipline which helps your body and mind to push them out of their comfort zone. A discipline to keep your body and mind in its optimal state is Kriya.

    Some basic Kriyas for body that are practiced at Iconic Yoga Org are:

    • Surya Namaskar or Yoga Kriya
    • Kapalbhatti Kriya
    • Bhahiya Pranayama Kriya
    • Trataka
    • Dhauti (Kapal & Karna)
    • Neti (Jal & Rubber)
  4. Dharna & Dhyana (Meditation)
    Meditation is a practice or technique to learn, observe and understand yourself. It includes your mind, body, breathe and the connection between each other.

    Are you cable of using your body optimally? Everyday activities performed by us or working hard towards our achieving your goals, we use our body and mind. Is it not important to keep the body in its best possible state? By doing do, it increases the capability of our body and can do task we want our body to do.

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