This is a six-month program. In this program, the yoga regime and nutrition is being designed in a way which helps you to lose 2 to 5 kg every month. It is deigned to lose weight in the healthiest way without having negative effect on health.

It is very important to keep our body fit and healthy as long as we live. Due to unawareness of unhealthy habits, we have created imbalance in our lifestyle. There is also lot of information on internet which disables to differentiate what is right and wrong. Above all, the mixture of advices received creates more confusion. Due to this, most of us gradually lose our health and some of us tend to gain that extra body fat which can lead to many health issues. This program is all about creating that perfect balance and get into best of your shape & best of your health.

This program focuses on three important aspects which plays important role in maintaining your health, losing weight and fats i.e. lifestyle, right eating habits and intense effective yoga regime. The nutritionist expert at our organization, designs the perfect diet plan which suits your body type. Our team keeps in touch everyday with you making sure that you are strict with your discipline to achieve your fitness goals.



  1. The admission processes.
  2. The yoga practices sessions begin where yoga instructor understands your present fitness.
  3. After your joining, there will be blood test and health check up to understand your current health scenario.
  4. A proper counseling session is held at the beginning to make you understand what factors lead to body fat again, ill-effects, how yoga helps you to overcome it, etc.
  5. The further counseling includes understanding current lifestyle, health issues, history of your weight gain, etc. This helps us to understand your body ability which ac as a base to design your yoga regime and die.
  6. A qualified nutritionist designs a personalized diet chart for you depending on your body type. We make sure you follow it strictly to improve your lifestyle.
  7. You are asked to maintain a diary discipline. It helps you to be aware of how much is your intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc.
  8. Along with intense yoga practice six days a week and disciplined nutritional plan you step towards a healthy lifestyle.


Yoga Session Program

  • Secret slim: Lose your weight secretly. Without telling your friends and family, get into the best of your shape, a great health, glowing skin and healthy hair.
  • Family or Friends as team: Lose your weight with more motivation and enhance the team work among your friends and family by having common fitness goals.

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