Women – a lifeline of every house. The versatility of her in every phase of life is commendable. She can look after entire family and can perform well at her profession as well. She is known to be an all-rounder. But, is she not the most stressed and stretched person? Who is concerned for everyone’s health, is she about her health? The perfect gift to her as a tribute to herself on this Women’s day is taking an initiative towards her well-being. What is better than starting with Yoga!

Women of today has so many challenges to face. The culture towards her is now erupting towards a change. No doubt about it. But, still patriarchy norms and traditions will take time to change. They are so strongly imbibe in each and every human on this earth. In course of achieving her dreams, she has to balance everything. Weather a homemaker or office-going women, she has so many tasks to handle at a time. It starts from the first member in the family to wake up no matter what. Then, cooking favorite dishes for everyone, cleaning, doing household chores, shopping for groceries, managing finances of home, and much more – a life of a homemaker. Similarly, a working women has to make sure that the functionality of the house is proper as well as she has to give her best at her profession. The stress of managing all her responsibilities from home to office to family to kids, parents and husband is nerve racking. She is a wonder woman who has magic to be there for each and every one. In all this expectations and demands, she loses her attention from herself. Her health gets neglected leading to many health problems.

One more addition to her basket of life is her periods.  The cramps, pain, cravings and mood swings are another level. A women takes up anxiety as well with how she looks. Do I look fat or too thin? Do eating this or that will lead to acne problem? Does my skin looks too oily or too dry? All these issues are just a cherry on cake with other. This all seems little to be funny, but it’s a truth. It is a time to embrace oneself the way you are and work towards improving your health in real sense. We need to focus on understanding oneself and become a better version of herself.

Before writing this blog, we asked our students what have been their experiences after inculcating yoga in their life. This is what they had to say.

Mrs. Leena: I feel really happy and energetic after doing yoga. My mind remains calm.

Mrs. Paramjeet:  It helps me to stabilize my mind and body in a better way.

Ms. Harshita: I am a student and use to feel lazy in the start. But, after some time I actually felt a positive change within and I nearly feel that I am actually getting fit.

Ms.Kiran: I feel very young and energetic at this age as well. It has helped me to stay calm and enjoy life in a more positive way.

Yoga is being considered by many health experts and influencers as a greatest form of fitness regime to be adapted in your lifestyle. They believe that it not only improves one’s fitness, but also enhances the mental health & stability. Yoga in a way helps to know the real self. It makes one feel calm and deal with a situation in a better way. It creates a positive energy within oneself which automatically affects surroundings as well. The yoga improves the flexibility of body and improves the balance as well. It makes one feel more enthusiastic towards life. It addresses certain health problems and through certain yogic ailments it can be cured. The lifestyle hazards like obesity, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, reproductive cycle, less chances of cancer, and so much more.

Along with yoga practice, the consumption of right kind of nutrition is also very essential as what you eat is what your body becomes. The correct of amount minerals, protein, vitamins, fiber and iron-rich diets has to be included in one’s lifestyle. The balanced and healthy lifestyle is when one follows a proper fitness regime and eats right. Let’s be loving to ourselves a little more and take a pledge this women’s day to upgrade our lifestyle to better one.

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